Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Montreal: Day 1

Visiting Montreal has been on our to-do list ever since we've been back east (since it's just three hours north of our home), but it became an even higher priority when our friends Jethro and Robyn moved there! Josh finished up his fall semester finals sooner than expected, so we decided to zip up to Montreal for two days while we had the time. Robyn and Jethro were the best hosts and so nice to let us stay with them with only a few days notice! They also were fantastic tour guides around the city, so we owe them big time. 
Mya's first time on the metro
 We spent Tuesday exploring the Notre Dame and Latin Quarter region of Montreal. What a beautiful city! The architecture is beautiful and I loved all the monuments and statues everywhere. 

 Our main point of attraction was the Notre Dame Basilica. 
 It was breathtaking!

 It was pretty windy and freezing, so the girls had double layers of pants, shirts, socks, and all their winter gear. I love Mya in her puffy coat :)

 Bryn loved climbing and posing on all the sculptures
 I love this lady!

 Bryn held up pretty well, considering the temperature and all the walking we did.
 Such a pretty city, right?
I think Mya was frozen/exhausted at this point
After our fun day in the city, we did dinner and games at Robyn and Jethro's cute house. They also introduced us to one of their favorite Montreal treats: Rockaberry's pies. So so good!
And just for old times' sake, here are Robyn, Jethro, and I back in the day. I lived with Robyn and Jethro for one semester in New Zealand while Jethro was doing his Art-Ed student teaching and Robyn and I were studying art at a Maori college. They were like my big brother and sister and we had so much fun together! (Robyn and Jethro were newly married, I was a little sophomore, and the three of us lived together with an awesome Maori family). It was a little warmer and sunnier in New Zealand than it was in Montreal :)

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Robyn said...

Yay! that was seriously so fun! Sorry we froze you to death. i really loved seeing you guys. We'll make it down to New Hampshire and hang out some day soon! Maybe we'll have to bring a pie or two....