Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Did I mention we mention we moved from Huntington Beach to New Hampshire?
I have to be honest, it almost killed me! (Maybe I'm just being dramatic because I'm still lacking sleep, but was hard!)
I've never been so physically and emotionally exhausted than the week of our move. A move is never fun, but especially not with a hyper 3 year old and a 6 week old baby. Oh, and a sleep-deprived woman who gets stressed easily (me).
Anyway.....once we loaded all of our stuff into the moving truck we drove straight to Utah for a break! We mostly just laid low at my parent's house and had fun doing nothing, but we also fit in a few fun things...
 It was h.o.t. in Utah, so we went to the splash pad a few times.
 Bryn tagged along with a few older girls and offered pringles as a bribe to let her play with them. It worked. Dad and Mya had a good connection. He would get her to make the sweetest little "coo-ing" noises and lots of big smiles.
 My sister (who looks way too cute to be five months pregnant!) and her husband came up to visit us a few times while we were there and it was so great to spend time with she and her husband!
 All the girls of the family
 Mom and Dad
I think they liked Mya :)
 Marie and Devin with the girls
 Mya loved all the attention she got!
 One of my favorite things was hiking with Logan!
He just did his Eagle Scout project on this trail, so it was really cool to see how the trail had improved! 
 Mom and Mya

 Mya was totally care free, not realizing we were about to move her across the country from all these fun people who were making her smile!
 Bryn reading with my Grandma Tueller
 Logan was such a great help with Bryn and Mya
 He and Bryn made a pretty sweet fort in the basement with lots of tunnels and "rooms". Yes, Brynlee was in heaven!
 Mya and my Grandma Clarke
Bryn and Jordan
Josh was only in Utah for a few days and then he drove across the country with two of my brothers, to unpack the moving truck and get the furniture set up. (Thank you thank you thank you to those three!!!)
I stayed in Utah with the girls for a week longer and then I flew back once things were somewhat settled. 
I am so glad I had time in Utah before we moved out here. It was completely wonderful to spend time with family and have such a great break!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh, I love this little girl

I have more Utah pictures to blog about, but I just had to post these pictures for my mom's sake....I'm sure she's missing this little face right now :)

Utah: Hawkins

We did some fun things with Josh's family while we were Utah, but I also had one wonderful afternoon where the girls and I had Josh's parents all to ourselves! 
Josh had already left for New Hampshire, but Bryn and Mya and I drove down to spend some time on the farm.

 I love Mya's fuzzy hair in this one :)

 It didn't take long for Bryn to find this lovely wig in the dress-ups!
 Bryn got a special tour of Grandma's garden
"Sunflowers as tall as giraffes!?!"
 They found a little ladybug and Bryn thought it was magical.

Visiting my in-laws is seriously one of my very favorite places to be!
It is so relaxing and beautiful to be out in "the country" and to sit back in their living room and just talk and laugh and listen to stories. Josh's parents are amazing and my girls are so lucky to have them as grandparents!

Tueller Swim Party

On our way to New Hampshire we stopped in Utah for a little bit, and we were so glad to be there for the annual Tueller family swim party with my mom's side of the family. It was so fun to see everyone!
Bryn was so excited about it! When things were crazy with the move we kept telling her "once we finish packing everything up it will be time for the SWIM PARTY in Utah!" :)

Bryn was in heaven jumping off the waterfall, sliding down the slide, and swimming around

Mya did not participate in the swimming, sliding, or jumping off of the waterfall. 
She lounged poolside, and enjoyed being held by everyone :)

Here's Josh going for a pass. 

 It was fun seeing my cousins Diana and Cara who were visiting from New York and New Jersey. It will be fun being back east with them, only 4-5 hours away.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mya's Baby Blessing

On August 12th Mya had her baby blessing and it was such a beautiful day!
It was in Utah, as we were in the midst of our move from California to New Hampshire.
I love Mya so much and my heart was so full as Josh blessed her.
Here's our little family of four
We did the blessing at my parent's church and then had a gathering at their home afterwards.
It was so wonderful to have so many family members there to celebrate Mya with us!
Jae flew in from California, so it was a treat to be all together with my family
 My Tueller grandparents
My Clarke grandparents
 Josh's parents
 My sister is pregnant (yay!!!) and I can't wait for Bryn and Mya to have a little cousin on my side of the family!
Four Generations