Monday, August 27, 2012

Mya's Baby Blessing

On August 12th Mya had her baby blessing and it was such a beautiful day!
It was in Utah, as we were in the midst of our move from California to New Hampshire.
I love Mya so much and my heart was so full as Josh blessed her.
Here's our little family of four
We did the blessing at my parent's church and then had a gathering at their home afterwards.
It was so wonderful to have so many family members there to celebrate Mya with us!
Jae flew in from California, so it was a treat to be all together with my family
 My Tueller grandparents
My Clarke grandparents
 Josh's parents
 My sister is pregnant (yay!!!) and I can't wait for Bryn and Mya to have a little cousin on my side of the family!
Four Generations


Karen said...

Looks like a perfect, wonderful day. You look AMAZING, Laura!!

Michelle said...

you are seriously so pretty

miss said...

Are you related to Erin Tueller?