Wednesday, August 31, 2011


For the past four years my mom has been the head of the women's administrative committee at Oakcrest Girls Camp in Kamas, Utah. (Each summer Oakcrest hosts over three thousand 12 and 13 year-old-girls from 93 stakes across Utah). This was my mom's last summer with this calling after four busy years, and her release was a little bittersweet. When I was in Utah last month I got to spend a day with my Mom at Oakcrest, and it was so awesome to see her in action. I've heard about "Oakcrest Oakcrest Oakcrest" for the past four years, but this was the first time I could actually be up there with my Mom and see what she does up at camp!
I don't know why, but I was getting emotional seeing her interact with the girls and staff up there. Even when she was up on stage dancing and doing the "Hoedown Throwdown" with the counselors, I was getting emotional! Ha! I just love my Mama and love seeing the impact she's had up at Oakcrest! She is super woman and I hope to be like her when I grow up :)

Monday, August 29, 2011


My car got hit a few weeks ago, so it's been at a body shop getting fixed up. Today Bryn and I went to pick it up and Bryn was so excited to see her "VERY FAVORITE white car!"
When they brought out the car I noticed a new dent across the hood. Turns out one of their techs had caused some new damage while fixing the initial damage. Wonderful.
Bryn took the news harder than I did, and I was holding in the laughter. While we headed home in our rental car Bryn's lip was quivering as she quietly voiced her concerns .
"But Mom, I just only want to drive in our favorite white car!....I don't even like this silver car. It's not even good......All I want to do today is drive in the white car.....I have a good idea! Let's go get our white car!......Mom, this silver car only makes us sad...."
I shouldn't laugh at her despair, but it was cracking me up. Life is HARD for a two year old with her favorite car in the shop.

Utah Trip

Josh and Brynlee are home from Utah! Bryn had such a good time staying at my parent's house and playing with all my siblings. She is already saying "Ok! It's time to go see Grandma again!" It's going to be a long wait til Christmas!
Bryn and my dad
Logan reading books to Bryn before bed
My cousin Cara was in town from NYC with her little daughter Olivia. I wish I would have been there to meet Olivia! Bryn had fun playing at Grandma Tueller's house, and seeing my Tueller extended family.
Giving kisses to her second-cousin
Logan and Bryn found a lovely, little toad in my parent's yard and Bryn keeps talking about the "toady toad" ever since she's been home.
I really wish I was there, because you know how much I've always wanted a dirty toad crawling across my face. I missed out.
This is my whole fam at my cousin Jenna's wedding....which I'm sad I missed! I'm also sad I wasn't in town to see all of my siblings, including my brother's who have been working out of state! At least Josh and Bryn got to see everyone. It sounds like it was such a fun, relaxing time. And Bryn just can't stop talking about it!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I haven't seen Josh and Bryn for four days now, and I'm ready for them to come home!
I miss seeing Bryn come out in a different dress-up outfit every five minutes, telling herself she looks "soooo beautiful!"
I miss our daily trips to the park, watching her run and climb and jump and get so excited.
I miss hearing her busily playing in her room, working on something like "critter park"... as she calls it.
I miss being creative with her and making up funny little projects with buttons or ribbons or paint chips.
It's always good to be away from Josh and Bryn for a bit, to remind me how much I love being with them!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lake Arrowhead

I just got back from an AWESOME trip to Lake Arrowhead with the young women of our ward. It was a fun weekend of....
cliff jumping,
way too many treats,
lots of laughing,
lots of singing to High School Musical,
lots of great memories!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Date to Grandma's House

Josh and Bryn are on a flight to Utah right now.... and I miss them already!
Josh has two client conferences in Utah this weekend, and while he's at meetings Bryn will be spending time with her "best friend", Grandma! Bryn's been so excited for this little trip with Josh. She keeps saying "Sometimes Dad and Bryn go on dates to the bookstore. But sometimes Dad and Bryn go on dates to Grandma's house!"
(The photo is from our 9 pm flight to Utah last month. I hope she's as good on this flight!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've been in a funk the last few days. All I can think about is BABIES BABIES BABIES and how I kind of want one. And how doctor's appointments and blood tests aren't as exciting as Bryn thinks they are. And how the space between Bryn and our next child keeps growing every day. (Yes, there are certainly dilemmas far worse than the one I'm in).
I know I can't complain because I already have Bryn, and I'm blessed in countless ways. Sometimes I just overlook those wonderful things and my mind is like a broken record just stuck on what I don't have.
- - -
I went on a beautiful walk to the beach tonight, then spent the rest of the night at my kitchen table, painting and listening to sweet Bryn sing song after song after song in her bed. I always love quiet walks in the evening, to get outside and find some clarity after a busy day. And I need to paint more. I mean, really. It just does something to my soul, even when the paintings themselves are completely insignificant. I need more quiet evenings like this, preferably with Bryn serenading me in the background. Oh, her little voice....
Life is so good. And I need to remember that.

Hawkins Reunion!

When we were in Utah we had an awesome Hawkins Reunion! I might have to add more pictures when I get them off Josh's phone or from his siblings, but here are the pictures from my camera...
We had such a fun time with ALL of Josh's family at our reunion in Utah. All of his seven siblings came from across the country, and it was so great being with everyone! The picture above is everyone but Josh's brother Jason...who was at reunion, but missed the picture.
The best part was Bryn getting to know her cousins! She's finally old enough to remember them and she had so much fun playing with them. Bryn and Halle were good buddies and spent lots of time exploring by our cabin
My sister-in-law Marilee brought craft supplies, which kept Bryn occupied for HOURS! Thanks Mar!
Josh's twin has one child, just like us, and their son Beckam is only a few months older than Bryn. It was so cute to see them playing together. (Bryn actually has 4 cousins born her year, so it's fun to see them all running around).
Our fam
Bryn was totally spoiled by her cousins! Abby and Hunter were nice to walk with Bryn around the boardwalk, on our way to feed the ducks.
Bryn and Beckam again
My sister-in-law Becky was in charge of the reunion this year and she planned such a fun "Minute to Win it" competition.
I married into the BEST family and it's always so fun to be together with everyone!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Bryns sings all day long and I absolutely love it. Sometimes it's primary songs, other times it's random songs she's heard in the car or something. Either way, it cracks me up and I can't get enough of her little singing voice! Last week I caught Bryn in the corner of her room, filing her nails (?), and singing "I love to see the temple".

Thursday, August 11, 2011

If you've ever wondered....

what Bryn would look like with a uni-brow and a beard...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Utah Trip

We had an awesome whirlwind trip to Utah last week and it was so awesome to spend a couple days with my parents and two of my siblings!
I forgot how HOT Utah summers are (compared to SoCal), so Bryn spent lots of time with Logan running through sprinklers and swimming in the little pool.
Reading bedtime stories with my dad
Bryn had never been to a zoo, so we spend a couple hours at the Hogle Zoo with my parents and Logan. So fun!
Bryn's staring at the giraffes instead of the camera
The new tiger exhibit is really awesome and we spent a long time watching the 4 tigers (mother and 3 sons) fight each other. Pretty cool. Josh was in heaven :)
I wish took more pictures of Bryn with my mom because they are good buddies.
One more with Bryn and my dad
We enjoyed lots of Mom's great cookin' and plenty of other Utah treats
Logan organized badminton tournaments for us which were really amusing. Naturally, I am horrible.
I really, really miss the mountains and Utah hiking, so Josh and I fit in a fun hike one morning and it was so great!
It was so fun to see my Clarke girl cousins and aunts at my cousin's baby shower, especially since I missed the Clarke reunion this year!
We went to the ReAL soccer game with my dad, brother Logan, sister Marie, her boyfriend Devin, and Devin's brother. It was my first pro soccer game and it was so fun! And it was the first time we met Rie's little friend, so that was fun :)
And finally, here is Bryn about to hike a pigeon.
What a fun trip! I hope December comes quickly because I miss my fam already!
(We also spent time with Josh's fam at the Hawkins Reunion, but I'll post those pics later. This post is long enough already!)