Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Date to Grandma's House

Josh and Bryn are on a flight to Utah right now.... and I miss them already!
Josh has two client conferences in Utah this weekend, and while he's at meetings Bryn will be spending time with her "best friend", Grandma! Bryn's been so excited for this little trip with Josh. She keeps saying "Sometimes Dad and Bryn go on dates to the bookstore. But sometimes Dad and Bryn go on dates to Grandma's house!"
(The photo is from our 9 pm flight to Utah last month. I hope she's as good on this flight!)

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Joanna said...

Hi Laura! I just sent an email to Josh about a Hawkins family gathering this coming weekend in Mission Viejo! I got his address from an old family contact list so I hope he still uses that account! It's hotmail? If not, my email is joanna(dot)suzanne(at)gmail(dot)com. Email me and I'll send you the details! I hope you don't have plans already, I would love to see you guys!