Monday, August 29, 2011

Utah Trip

Josh and Brynlee are home from Utah! Bryn had such a good time staying at my parent's house and playing with all my siblings. She is already saying "Ok! It's time to go see Grandma again!" It's going to be a long wait til Christmas!
Bryn and my dad
Logan reading books to Bryn before bed
My cousin Cara was in town from NYC with her little daughter Olivia. I wish I would have been there to meet Olivia! Bryn had fun playing at Grandma Tueller's house, and seeing my Tueller extended family.
Giving kisses to her second-cousin
Logan and Bryn found a lovely, little toad in my parent's yard and Bryn keeps talking about the "toady toad" ever since she's been home.
I really wish I was there, because you know how much I've always wanted a dirty toad crawling across my face. I missed out.
This is my whole fam at my cousin Jenna's wedding....which I'm sad I missed! I'm also sad I wasn't in town to see all of my siblings, including my brother's who have been working out of state! At least Josh and Bryn got to see everyone. It sounds like it was such a fun, relaxing time. And Bryn just can't stop talking about it!

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Tueller 3 said...

Laura, So good to see Josh and Brynlee! She is darling, and so fun with Uncle Dave and the cawing!