Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hawkins Reunion!

When we were in Utah we had an awesome Hawkins Reunion! I might have to add more pictures when I get them off Josh's phone or from his siblings, but here are the pictures from my camera...
We had such a fun time with ALL of Josh's family at our reunion in Utah. All of his seven siblings came from across the country, and it was so great being with everyone! The picture above is everyone but Josh's brother Jason...who was at reunion, but missed the picture.
The best part was Bryn getting to know her cousins! She's finally old enough to remember them and she had so much fun playing with them. Bryn and Halle were good buddies and spent lots of time exploring by our cabin
My sister-in-law Marilee brought craft supplies, which kept Bryn occupied for HOURS! Thanks Mar!
Josh's twin has one child, just like us, and their son Beckam is only a few months older than Bryn. It was so cute to see them playing together. (Bryn actually has 4 cousins born her year, so it's fun to see them all running around).
Our fam
Bryn was totally spoiled by her cousins! Abby and Hunter were nice to walk with Bryn around the boardwalk, on our way to feed the ducks.
Bryn and Beckam again
My sister-in-law Becky was in charge of the reunion this year and she planned such a fun "Minute to Win it" competition.
I married into the BEST family and it's always so fun to be together with everyone!


Hema and Becky said...

Sorry Lar! Forwarding the photos is on my to do list today! I've just been crazy busy... Glad you got the group one of FB! :)

Josh and Laura said...

No worries Becky!