Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boston Museum of Fine Art

I've wanted to visit the Boston Museum of Fine Art ever since we moved back east and I finally got to go this past Saturday. (Thanks to our local Howe Library for the discounted museum pass!) Josh was nice enough to watch the girls for the day, so I drove down to Boston with one of my friends and we had a great time!
The museum had tons of great stuff! We spent three hours there and only walked through about half of the museum. (We spent most our time in the European, American and Contemporary Art sections). Here are a few of my favorites...
Benson | Monet
Homer | Hmm...can't remember who painted this one

Cassatt | Degas
Hassam | Degas
John Singer Sargent
 Van Gogh | Cezanne
 Monet | Monet

 An weird little Kiki Smith sculpture
Frankenthaler | Motherwell | De Kooning
  Tara Donovan's giant styrofoam cup sculpture (on the right) was pretty cool!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

I didn't go crazy with Valentine's activities and crafts this year, but we did have a fun holiday! We had pink heart pancakes for breakfast and then the girls opened a few little Valentines gifts from Josh and I. Bryn was so excited for her Valentines party at preschool, but we got tons of snow and so school was cancelled Feb 13th and 14th. She was pretty bummed about the cancelled party, but luckily Josh got home from campus early on Valentine's Day and cheered up Bryn with some fun playtime in the snow.

 This cute little valentine stayed inside and played with me while Bryn and Josh had their fun outside.
 We made cardboard houses and Mya thought they were pretty cool :)
My Valentine's gift from Bryn! She wrapped up my bible in this wrapping paper all on her own and proudly presented it to me on Valentine's Day. (Interesting gift choice, right? Maybe it was a hint to read the scriptures more?? Thanks Bryn!)
 We got take-out from our favorite Indian restaurant and then we enjoyed the gorgeous pink and purple Valentines Day sky in the evening! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Wonderland

 On Thursday Josh got home from campus early and it was snowing, so of course the first thing he did was put on his snowpants and convince the rest of us to play outside. All four of us actually really like playing in the snow, so it was a great afternoon!

Right behind our house is a big forest (after all, we live in New Hampshire). In the summertime I never let Bryn play in the forest because it is home to ticks, deer, oh and occasionally bears(!!) But...we ventured into the snowy forest for the first time on Thursday and oh my gosh it was so beautiful!

 We played around in the open area at the bottom of the hill and Bryn looked for deer tracks and pretended to be a polar bear or something. 

After our little adventure in the forest Bryn and Mya did some "dog-sledding" around the neighborhood.
It has been such a snowy winter this year! Some days I totally have cabin fever and I dream of moving back to California. But other days it is seriously so fun to be out in the snow as a family, creating wonderful snowy memories that we'll reminisce about down the road when we are living in a sunny climate again :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Days

 Snow, snow, snow, snow...we've gotten a lot of it the last few weeks! We're dreaming of spring(!!), but in the meantime we've tried to enjoy the winter wonderland outside.
 "Ice skating" on the frozen sand box at the park

 Josh is the best dad ever and he also happens to looooove playing in the snow, so he takes them out in the snow whenever he has free time. This view melted my heart the other day. I don't know what he and Mya were doing but she was grinning from ear to ear.

 Mya's favorite thing is to be pulled around the neighborhood in her little sled.
 Bryn also loves being pulled in the sled- and it's a pretty good workout pulling her around! There's a huge open field down the street and that's where we perfect our dog-sledding skills. I put the rope around my waist and trek through the snow as Bryn yells "Mush, Mush! Go faster, go faster!" 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Heart Attacks

Last week Bryn did "Heart Attacks" for some of her friends and her Primary teachers. She had fun writing valentines to everyone and sneakily riding her bike around the neighborhood to decorate the doors of the 6 or 7 people on her list. 

I'm sure everyone heard us giggling on their doorsteps, but Bryn was sure no one would figure out it was her. I love doing things like this with Bryn! Mya had to stay home with Josh since she surely would have blown our cover, but maybe next year she will be old enough (and sneaky enough) to join in the fun :)