Sunday, February 9, 2014


Here are a few random pictures from January. It was a snowy, cold month so we spent a lot of time indoors. We didn't really do many exciting things, but we somehow stayed busy and sane. 
 I am really bad at doing little girls' hair styles, but Bryn keeps begging for "Elsa braids" ever since we saw "Frozen" so I've been practicing! This is pretty good for me!
 Josh went to our old stomping grounds in Huntington Beach for two days and brought Bryn back some sand and shells from the beach. She was thrilled and then she got really sad that she wasn't there to play on the beach herself! 
 Mya has officially entered the dress-up phase, even though the poor girls trips again and again on the too-long dresses and skirts. I need to make her some shorter skirts asap.
 Mya continues to perform well at meal time, shoveling it in :)
 I had to steal a picture of these two princesses bundled up and hand in hand as we headed to campus to pick up Josh. 
 How can Mya be old enough for play dates?? 
 Bryn read "Charlotte's Web" this month and of course got into character, taking care of this felt pig.
 Mya is a serious book worm! It's kind of cute, but Josh and I actually get a little tired of reading to her all day every day. This is one of her favorite little spots to read and I love it. (I just noticed her book is upside down which makes it even better I guess!)
 A box of packing peanuts has now become "Elsa's magic snow powers". The packing peanuts erupted all over the house again and again until they mysteriously disappeared...
 I had a fun date with this handsome guy to the Boston temple a few weekends ago. 
I always bake too much in the winter when I'm stuck inside, but homemade wheat bread is definitely my favorite!
Forts, forts, and more forts. Bryn and Mya never tire of it.
And there you have it! January in a nutshell.

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