Monday, June 28, 2010


(Differentiating between hat and skirt is always a challenge. ) I found Bryn just reading to herself, with a new "hat" she put on while I was in the other room. Ever since Brynlee flipped through my art history books, she's had a thing for Nefertiti. The hat is one thing, but if she mimicks the Egyptian eye-liner I'll have to draw the line.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mile Square Park

We spent the evening at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley...a new favorite place. Bryn was in HEAVEN with the different playgrounds and ponds!
I loved watching these two feed the ducks. Cutest thing ever.
Notice Bryn's two different shoes? At least they're the same color, right? I won't mention who dressed her :)
Bryn's getting a little too daring, if you ask me. If you ask Josh, she's not daring enough!
This playground was the biggest one there, so it was crowded with some wild older kids. Bryn was surprisingly nervous at first, but then she learned to muscle her way around.
Such a fun, beautiful night!

Oil Cloth Lunch Bag

(Please excuse the dark photos. And while you're at it, please excuse the VERY amatuer "Bryn" embroidery. Di, any tips?)
This was a really quick project and I think we'll get good use out of it. I made a simple lunch bag for Bryn to use in nursery, picnics, and other outings. I saw the basic pattern for it during our last date to Barnes and Noble. (I think maybe in a Martha Stewart book?) The main panel of oil cloth is 29.5 x 8 inches. And the two side panels are 12.25 by 5 inches. You just sew the side panels to the main panel, with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Cut slits at the corners, or else the corners won't work. And then add velcro so you can close it. If that's confusing, there's a simple pattern for a lunch bag on the Martha Stewart website.

P.S. One tip for sewing with oil cloth: Put tissue paper over the oil cloth as you sew, to prevent the oil cloth from sticking to your presser foot. It tears off really smoothly once the seam is done.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Love her.

"Bryn, can you go find your swimsuit?" She prances off to get it. "Can you find your shoes?" Off she goes to find the shoes. "Can you find your towel?" She drags it to the door. Then as we're about to leave, she dashes back to her room and comes back wearing a hat and necklace, and bringing a different pair of shoes to wear. Oh brother. I love this silly girl! P.S. She LOVES her swim class!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tears for Bunny

Bryn's feelings have been hurt. By the bunnies at HB Central Park. She raced up to them, just wanting to be friends. But the bunnies kept dashing off, leaving Bryn scampering far behind. It was a sad walk around the loop and back to our car. Teary Bryn kept yelling "Bunny? Bunny? Bunny?" We finally saw two bunnies at the end of the loop and Josh and I thought this would dry her tears. But once again they dashed off and Bryn was even more hurt than before. Life is hard when no bunny wants to be your friend. (Doesn't help that she has three molars just breaking through her gums. Tough week.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We planned our Utah trip months ago, but the timing turned out to be really special. There was a birth and a death in the family and it was neat to be there for both. Our dear "Grandma" Day passed away while we were there, and it was really a blessing for my siblings and I to have a special moment with her in her final days. And Becky and Hema's sweet, little daughter Cora was born while we were there. Woohoo!!!We've been fasting and praying for months that they could adopt another child, so we are so thrilled for them! We didn't actually get to meet her because of the adoptive process, but it was neat to be there for the excitement. She is such an answer to prayers, and what a little cutie!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Brothers Karamazov

I just finished reading The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. It wouldn't call it a fun, easy read. (It was my first time reading Russian literature, so it took me a while to get used to the mulitiple Russian names for each character.) BUT I loved it. I really loved Dostoevsky's writing style, and his ideas on salvation, fatherhood and family relations, and human nature....among other things. It gave me so much to think about. And lots and lots of great quotes and ideas to add to my reading log. Wonderful book!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Evenings

When we lived in Utah most Sunday nights were spent at big family gatherings. I certainly miss those fun get-togethers, but I do love our quiet Sunday evenings in California. We usually take a walk around our neighborhood and end up at the park at the end of the street. It's the perfect place to lay out a blanket and read! Tonight Bryn spent the time walking circles around the trees and collecting little rocks, seeds, fallen flowers, and other little treasures.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun with the Clarkes

At a Memorial Day BBQ with my extended Clarke family. Such a treat to see my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles that I hadn't seen since December.
More swinging
Hanging out with Marie and Jae and his fuzzy friend
Bryn hit the jackpot when she discovered the secret drawer with Logan's collection of about 25 pairs of glasses. The party ended when Bryn broke a dangling disco ball off of one pair, and the collection was moved to higher ground. It was fun while it lasted!
Just a little glamor shot of the siblings. Jordan is wearing the shirt he originally presented to my mom as a souvenir from his mission. It says "Welcome to Arizona. Where them gansters bang." With a hoodlum holding a gun in the air. Maybe it's only funny if you know Jordan. And my mom. Ya.....
Logan is such a good uncle to Brynlee. He made a "spot" with Brynlee out of couch cushions, foam pads, and blankets. Bryn got so wound up jumping and rolling around on it.
Mom playing children's songs on the piano, just like the good ol days.
Bryn got down to business, shaking her maracas and her hips. Atta girl!
Bryn and Mom having an impromtu testimony meeting on the kitchen floor.
Maybe the highlight of the trip? Grandma Tueller's homemade doughnuts. So fun to get together with the Tueller side and see everyone! And to eat way too many of these delicious things!
Love Bryn's face in this one. (And moms!) Bryn had so much fun playing with my fam. She has been asking for them all week. I wish we saw them more than a few times a year, but that's how it goes. This was a long, two week trip so I can't complain. Love you guys so much!
P.S. Sorry Dad, I didn't get one picture of you! Sheesh!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun with the Hawkins

We got together with the Hawkins side of the fam a few times while in Utah. Playing at the Becky's house with some of her cute cousins.
At Josh's parent's home, Bryn loved watching the horses with Halle.
Getting up close and personal with the horses.
No family gathering is complete without a little target practice.
Showing a little leg with Grandpa and Grandma Hawkins.
I married into the BEST family. It was so wonderful spending time with them. Love you guys!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home From Utah

We're home from a wonderful, long trip to Utah. What a treat to spend time with our families and friends. I'm sure I'll post more pictures later, but these are a few pictures from the beginning of the trip. Besides the people, playing in my parent's backyard may have been Bryn's favorite part of the trip! Can you tell, by the outfit, which of my siblings just returned from a mission? I think he's been in dress clothes every day since he's been home. But maybe that's just because Jae stole all of Jordan's jeans while he was away!
Again, Again!
Bryn was a quite friendly with the pigeons, poking them, pinching them, swinging them by their tail feathers, styling their feathers, and giving them deep tissue massages.Bryn loved playing in the "Peetee" that Logan and Dad lashed together from a fallen tree. I think Log deserves a merit badge for that one.
Of course the tramp was a huge hit.Bryn gets her blue eyes and light hair from Josh. And she gets her cheesy smile and double chin from me. Ha. (See above photo).
In summary, Bryn liked the backyard. More Utah pictures to come.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


By the way, my brother Jordan got home from his LDS mission last week, and it's been awesome to be with him this past week. Greeting Mom Brynlee meeting her uncle Jord for the first time. I love and admire Jordan so much, and I'm grateful for the service he gave these past two years.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Far So Good

Bryn and I have had a blast so far in Utah. Maybe Bryn's favorite part (besides playing with the fam) has been running through the sprinklers and jumping on the wet tramp. So fun to see her go nuts in the water! Shaking it on the tramp. And speaking of shaking it...When we saw my family at the airport I let Bryn out of her stroller and the first thing she did was smile at everyone and then shake her little bottom side to side. Her signature move. p.s. Bryn was perfect on the answer to prayers! ha ha. It was a miracle. She was fascinated with looking out the window, so we didn't even touch all the little snacks and toys I lugged onto the plane. Cross your fingers she'll be good on the way back!