Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun with the Clarkes

At a Memorial Day BBQ with my extended Clarke family. Such a treat to see my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles that I hadn't seen since December.
More swinging
Hanging out with Marie and Jae and his fuzzy friend
Bryn hit the jackpot when she discovered the secret drawer with Logan's collection of about 25 pairs of glasses. The party ended when Bryn broke a dangling disco ball off of one pair, and the collection was moved to higher ground. It was fun while it lasted!
Just a little glamor shot of the siblings. Jordan is wearing the shirt he originally presented to my mom as a souvenir from his mission. It says "Welcome to Arizona. Where them gansters bang." With a hoodlum holding a gun in the air. Maybe it's only funny if you know Jordan. And my mom. Ya.....
Logan is such a good uncle to Brynlee. He made a "spot" with Brynlee out of couch cushions, foam pads, and blankets. Bryn got so wound up jumping and rolling around on it.
Mom playing children's songs on the piano, just like the good ol days.
Bryn got down to business, shaking her maracas and her hips. Atta girl!
Bryn and Mom having an impromtu testimony meeting on the kitchen floor.
Maybe the highlight of the trip? Grandma Tueller's homemade doughnuts. So fun to get together with the Tueller side and see everyone! And to eat way too many of these delicious things!
Love Bryn's face in this one. (And moms!) Bryn had so much fun playing with my fam. She has been asking for them all week. I wish we saw them more than a few times a year, but that's how it goes. This was a long, two week trip so I can't complain. Love you guys so much!
P.S. Sorry Dad, I didn't get one picture of you! Sheesh!

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Diana Hulme said... fun! I think Brynlee is the cutest little girl funny and adorable! I love the little ponytail spout. :)

And so bummed to have missed the doughnuts...mmmmm!