Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home From Utah

We're home from a wonderful, long trip to Utah. What a treat to spend time with our families and friends. I'm sure I'll post more pictures later, but these are a few pictures from the beginning of the trip. Besides the people, playing in my parent's backyard may have been Bryn's favorite part of the trip! Can you tell, by the outfit, which of my siblings just returned from a mission? I think he's been in dress clothes every day since he's been home. But maybe that's just because Jae stole all of Jordan's jeans while he was away!
Again, Again!
Bryn was a quite friendly with the pigeons, poking them, pinching them, swinging them by their tail feathers, styling their feathers, and giving them deep tissue massages.Bryn loved playing in the "Peetee" that Logan and Dad lashed together from a fallen tree. I think Log deserves a merit badge for that one.
Of course the tramp was a huge hit.Bryn gets her blue eyes and light hair from Josh. And she gets her cheesy smile and double chin from me. Ha. (See above photo).
In summary, Bryn liked the backyard. More Utah pictures to come.


Jamie said...

I can't believe you can jump on a tramp after having a baby. Way to go! Maybe I could after having Brock - I can't remember, but after three, it is all down hill from there - no more tramp jumping!

Jen Scott said...

That back yard is awesome! It is like a park... I am sure she loved it. I would love it! Glad you are back!

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Umm... your parents backyard is beautiful! I sure hope it is possible to have one like that someday when we grow up! Glad you had a fun trip!