Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tears for Bunny

Bryn's feelings have been hurt. By the bunnies at HB Central Park. She raced up to them, just wanting to be friends. But the bunnies kept dashing off, leaving Bryn scampering far behind. It was a sad walk around the loop and back to our car. Teary Bryn kept yelling "Bunny? Bunny? Bunny?" We finally saw two bunnies at the end of the loop and Josh and I thought this would dry her tears. But once again they dashed off and Bryn was even more hurt than before. Life is hard when no bunny wants to be your friend. (Doesn't help that she has three molars just breaking through her gums. Tough week.)

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Kristy said...

So sad and so cute! D has his 2 year ones coming in. I feel YOUR pain. Brutal.