Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Canoeing on the Connecticut River

Fall is the very best time of year in New England and we are really trying to take advantage of every minute of it. Also, I feel like our time at Dartmouth is going by so fast! We're trying to slam on the brakes, slow down the time, and fit in as much as we can in our final 9 months here. September has been busy and full...and so fun for our family. One of the fun New England things we did last week was canoe down the Connecticut River.
 The Ledyard Canoe Club is just a few minutes from our house, right below Dartmouth campus. We finally took advantage of it and rented a canoe for a couple hours. (It's so cheap! $10/hour for a family). The Connecticut River is the river that divides New Hampshire and Vermont and it is such a beautiful river.

 We packed sandwiches and had lunch at a little lookout spot we found along the shore.

 Mya mostly sat with Josh or me, but we let her walk around the canoe when we were in super shallow water. Bryn even got out and waded around the water a little bit in the shallow parts. I was surprised and still and clear the water was.

 Bryn was loving it! She wanted to go all the way down the river and was so defeated when we turned around and headed back to the dock.

Ledyard Canoe Club, we will be back!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quechee Gorge

Fall is definitely the best time of year in New England and this year we are really trying to enjoy it and do something fun and outdoorsy every week....because we know how brutal and long the winter months are! Hiking Quechee Gorge in Vermont has been on our to-do list ever since we moved here and we finally made it there.

 This is how Brynlee "hikes". She basically dances her way down the trail, stopping to pose whenever there is a rock or stump.

 Such a pretty hike and a fun afternoon as a family.


 Bryn's go-to pose is one knee popped, one hand on her hip, and one first raised to the sky - and I think Bryn starting preschool definitely deserves a first pump. I did co-op Joy School with Bryn for three years and it was fun, but boy was she (and I) ready for regular preschool! She started preschool last week and so far it's been wonderful. 
 She goes to school Monday through Thursday in the afternoons. It's been so fun to hear about all the fun she's having, the new friends she's making, and all the projects, crafts, and activities she's been doing.
 First day of school with her cute teacher Ms. McCarthy.
 Mya spent the first few days looking out the windows for Bryn and going from room to room trying to find her. She's so used to playing with Bryn that it's been funny to see her actually play on her own. Now she loves the quiet time while Bryn's gone and she has all the toys to herself!
I love the one on one time with Mya and love the fun Bryn is having while she's gone. Three cheers for Preschool!

Back To School

Josh started back into school last week, as a 2nd year Tuck student. It seems like we just started this grad school stage, but we only have 9 more months until graduation! Part of me is anxious to graduate and find out where Josh will be working and where we'll be moving our family next, but the other part of me is so sad that we only have such a short time left at Dartmouth! We're really trying to make the most of this last year and take advantage of all the great things Dartmouth and New England have to offer.
Bryn sending off Josh for his first day of class
 My handsome man in front of Tuck
And my cute little poser and wannabe Ivy League student.

Portland, Maine: Day 2

On Saturday morning we took the ferry from Portland to Peak's Island, and we totally fell in love with that beautiful little island! 

We originally planned on doing a half-day kayaking trip up the coast of Maine, but we ended up renting a tandem bike and exploring Peak's Island that way. It was so fun! It totally made us want to buy a tandem bike...or at least regular bikes. 
 Josh rode in front and was in charge of the steering and most of the leg-work. I just sat in the back and snapped photos :)

 I really can't say enough about Peak's Island- so, so pretty and such a fun place to spend a day.

A few locals recommended Gilberts Chowder House, a cute seafood restaurant right on the coast, and it was fantastic.
We had a lobster roll, clam chowder, and seafood chowder, and everything was fresh and delicious.
After lunch we wandered around downtown Portland, did some shopping, had a second round of ice cream at Mount Desert Island, and then drove to Cape Elizabeth, Maine to see the Portland Head Light lighthouse. 
Portland, Maine has got to be one of the most beautiful spots we've been in New England. It was such a fun city and the perfect quaint, little place for a quick trip. Josh and I had the best time!

**And I need to give one more shout out to my amazing friend Cat for staying at our house and taking such good care of the girls!! Bryn is still talking about the fun "sleep-over" she had while we were gone :)