Monday, September 2, 2013

Josh is Home!!!

 We officially made it through our internship summer! Eleven weeks is waaaay too long to be living apart, but we did it and it's over and we're finally all under the same roof again. Bryn made the cutest welcome notes for Josh and taped them all over the house. I should have taken pictures because her little hand written messages were so sweet! I did take a picture of this note she put on the front door for Josh: "Welcome Home Flinn. I'm in love with you." (She was Rapunzel at the time and so naturally Josh was Flinn).
 Josh got home late Friday night and the girls were already asleep, but they certainly pounced on him Saturday morning! 
 Welcome home, Josh! Back to life with two crazy kids :)
I am relieved to be done with my summer alone and so grateful to my awesome neighbors and friends who helped me out so much.
Most of all, I'm just glad to be reunited with my better half!

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