Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 Bryn's go-to pose is one knee popped, one hand on her hip, and one first raised to the sky - and I think Bryn starting preschool definitely deserves a first pump. I did co-op Joy School with Bryn for three years and it was fun, but boy was she (and I) ready for regular preschool! She started preschool last week and so far it's been wonderful. 
 She goes to school Monday through Thursday in the afternoons. It's been so fun to hear about all the fun she's having, the new friends she's making, and all the projects, crafts, and activities she's been doing.
 First day of school with her cute teacher Ms. McCarthy.
 Mya spent the first few days looking out the windows for Bryn and going from room to room trying to find her. She's so used to playing with Bryn that it's been funny to see her actually play on her own. Now she loves the quiet time while Bryn's gone and she has all the toys to herself!
I love the one on one time with Mya and love the fun Bryn is having while she's gone. Three cheers for Preschool!

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