Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Canoeing on the Connecticut River

Fall is the very best time of year in New England and we are really trying to take advantage of every minute of it. Also, I feel like our time at Dartmouth is going by so fast! We're trying to slam on the brakes, slow down the time, and fit in as much as we can in our final 9 months here. September has been busy and full...and so fun for our family. One of the fun New England things we did last week was canoe down the Connecticut River.
 The Ledyard Canoe Club is just a few minutes from our house, right below Dartmouth campus. We finally took advantage of it and rented a canoe for a couple hours. (It's so cheap! $10/hour for a family). The Connecticut River is the river that divides New Hampshire and Vermont and it is such a beautiful river.

 We packed sandwiches and had lunch at a little lookout spot we found along the shore.

 Mya mostly sat with Josh or me, but we let her walk around the canoe when we were in super shallow water. Bryn even got out and waded around the water a little bit in the shallow parts. I was surprised and still and clear the water was.

 Bryn was loving it! She wanted to go all the way down the river and was so defeated when we turned around and headed back to the dock.

Ledyard Canoe Club, we will be back!

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