Sunday, September 1, 2013

Final Days of Summer

After our Utah trip we only had about two and a half weeks til Josh came home from NYC. We were really missing Josh at this point(!!), but here are a few things we did to keep up occupied while we counted down the days til his return...
 Mya learned new tricks- like how to climb! It's kind of fun, kind of not-so-fun.
(It brings back memories to Bryn's daily performances on that same step ladder!) 
 We went on long stroller walks almost every day, and most of the time we'd end up at Dartmouth campus.
 Bryn dancing the Macarena on The Green
 Lots of hot and humid days meant lots of popsicles on the porch
 I loved seeing this in my rear view mirror. Thank you for this, Bryn. 
 Painting nails on the porch
 We got Mya officially hooked on kale smoothies...that don't taste as nasty as they look! Mya will back me up on this.
Bryn was really sad about so many of her Dartmouth friends moving this summer, but thank goodness for the handful of cute friends that will still be here this year! This was the cutest reunion on our porch when Bryn, Audrey, and Emma were finally back together after a summer apart. Cute girls!
And that about wraps up summer 2013!

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