Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quiet Summer Nights at the Park

Every night this summer at about 6 pm Josh would be on the subway heading home from work and I would be at the park with Bryn and Mya. Josh was having a lot of fun in NYC, but I think I might have had the better end of the deal because he missed out on some pretty cute moments with these two sweet girls! It's my very favorite thing to watch these two play and laugh together. Sometimes just watching them play makes my heart want to burst! Cheesy, but true! Bryn loves to push Mya on the swing and she takes her job quite seriously, but Mya just laughs and laughs the whole time. 

 Bryn doing an "Under-doggy" push to Mya.
Also, is anything better that those chubby leg rolls? I'm going to be sad when shorts season is over :)

Little Miss Cautious also worked up the courage to attempt the big slide. Going head first wasn't the smartest approach, but the fact that she went down it at all was a pretty big deal.

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