Sunday, August 18, 2013

Utah: Tueller Gatherings

I was lucky to see my Tueller grandparents a few times in Utah. They are such wonderful people and I love them so much. My Grandma Tueller, who fought breast cancer last year, was diagnosed with bone cancer while I was in Utah. That news made my visits with her even sweeter. She is such an optimist that you'd never know she was in pain or worn out from the immediate treatments. She was as radiant and happy as ever. 
Celebrating Grandma's 84th birthday
Bryn reading out of Grandma Tueller's old 1946 reader from her school teaching days. This was such a sweet moment.
Four generations
(And Bryn's leg)
The Clarke girls + cute Braden
 The three Clarke cousins
 Another night we got together with some of the Tueller clan for Family Home Evening at my grandparent's house. Grandpa shared some thoughts on Choosing Happiness and Optimism, which was an inspiring and poignant message in regards to Grandma Tueller's health. It was such a great night and a treat to be with the Tuellers again. 
We missed my brother Jae in California, but it was great to be with my other three siblings! 

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