Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bryn Lately

Bryn at age four and a half is pretty amusing. She is so theatrical and creative that everyday is like one big dramatic performance from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. She's still really into dressing up as characters and she totally goes all out. The picture above is from "the BEST day of [her] LIFE!!!" when she earned some fancy new jewelry from the dollar store.
 It's not unusual for Bryn to come into our bedroom first thing in the morning with some kind of written proclamation. This time she woke me up by handing me a note that said "Today is my wedding day. I'm so excited." It was a big day, indeed!
 I gave her grapes as a snack one day, but of course she had to change into a grape outfit before she could eat them.
 One day she was a black ant. The queen ant, actually. She spent the morning scurrying around the house, trying to look for crumbs on the ground. Kind of odd, but at least I didn't have to vacuum.
 This day she had the brilliant idea of making a skirt out of a diaper box. Very resourceful, and stylish. 
 Let's get a little close-up of that lovely diaper box skirt and foil shoes.
These pictures pretty much sum up Bryn at age four. How long this funny theatrical stage will last- we don't know! But we're sure getting a kick out of it :)

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Marie Young said...

I love that girl! I think my favorite was the picture of the queen ant. She could also pass as one of the three blind mice in that outfit! :)