Monday, August 19, 2013

Utah: Too Many Fun Days

Here is the last bunch of pictures from our wonderful month in Utah...
 Reading with Jordan
 My sister teaches a sewing/craft class at my parent's house each week and Bryn was lucky enough to sit in on a few of the classes. She felt so important and had such a good time making conversation with the big girls.
 Bryn loved helping my dad with yard projects and helping Logan feed the pigeons

 Bryn made very good use of the costume box and the children's book collection
 Mya and my Dad checking out the Pioneer Day floats at the Sandy Convention Center
 Stealing Grandpa's fries at Dairy Keen in Heber
 Bryn lived in the backyard, exploring, running through sprinklers, getting dirty, and jumping on the tramp.
 Marie and I with our little babes. Mya and I look so unkempt next to beautiful Marie, but in our defense this was our first day in Utah and we were still recovering from the flights :) Have I mentioned how much fun it is for Marie and I to both be moms together?
 None of my Dad's grandchildren have inherited his dark features, but hopefully they'll inherit his dance moves :)
 Getting in on the dress-up action
Mya LOVED the tramp
 Mya began the trip as a shy, scared, quiet little thing, but by the end of the month she had definitely loosened up and gotten more mischievous, active, and talkative.
 One of Logan's summer goals was to pass off levels 1-5 of my Mom's cooking cards (her little system to teach us how to cook). While I was in Utah Logan made everything from poppyseed cake, salads, homemade breads and pancakes, you name it - he made it. His chocolate mint shake was one of my favorites :)

 Water fight after washing the cars

 Josh's parents got their mission call while we were in Utah! They're going to Madrid, Spain and leaving in December. This was the last time we'll see them til summer 2015, so we hugged them tight and said our goodbyes! They're going to have such a great experience and I'm so excited for them.
 Wild post-nap hair
Playing in the sprinklers with Jordan

 Grandmas are the best
 Going through Grandma's drawers
 One of my favorite past-times with my siblings was making little houses in our backyard for our Star Wars characters. It was so cute to see Logan bringing back this tradition with Brynlee.

Mya's daily walking practice....(we've still got a long way to go).

One of my very favorite things was singing at the piano with my mom on my last night. She's such a talented pianist and vocalist. It made me so nostalgic as we sang through "Caro Mio Ben", "Ave Verum Corpus", "Se Tu M'ami" - a few of my favorites from my voice lesson days. This convinced me I need a piano in my home!! (Maybe in ten years it'll happen).

And that's a wrap! Thank you to my parents for letting me stay so long, and to my friends and family for fitting in so many fun play dates with us. It was such a wonderful trip and I didn't want it to end! There were many tears shed in the airport as we said goodbye to my mom. Poor Bryn had a curled lip and silent tears streaming down her cheeks as we went through security. She finally buried her head into my legs and whispered "But Mom, I just love Grandma waaaay too much to live so far away from her!"....and my heart was breaking! She's right!
We're not going to be back in Utah or see my family til next summer, but after that we better be moving back to the West Coast! Anyway, it was the best Utah trip ever and I'm so grateful for those happy four weeks at home.

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mj said...

Loved all of these posts. And you said you had no musical talents. Voice lessons? Singing with your mom. I think you were hiding something...