Monday, August 26, 2013

Utah: Hawkins Reunion -- At the Farm

Here is the last bunch of pictures from the wonderful Hawkins Reunion. These pictures make me so happy. My girls are lucky lucky lucky to have such awesome cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. I married into the best family!
Josh's parents and their 27 grandchildren
Josh and his siblings
Josh and his twin Joe and their cute daughters who are just 3 days apart! Mya looks just like Josh did as a toddler and Harlow looks exactly like Joe. 
 I just loved seeing Bryn with her cousins!
 Feeding the horses
 When the kids ran out of carrots and apples, they grabbed random leaves and grass to feed them.
 Right after I took this picture Bryn actually got bit by this horse. The poor girl was pretty sad. I didn't really know if she actually got bit or if it was just a little nibble, but now her fingernail is discolored and about to fall off! Ouch!
 Josh swinging
 The babies 
 Target practice with the boys
 We did some outdoor games, including a series of running races by age. It was so cute!...until kids lost and felt bad and started crying. Then it wasn't as cute I guess. But still I loved it!
 Bryn started out in the back as the only girl in her age group, but I'm proud to say she pulled out ahead and won that first prize ring pop :)
 Introducing Mya to ring pops. 
 Mya giving waves
 Abby is the oldest girl cousin and Bryn kind of idolizes her!
 Cute Mya
 Halle and Bryn
Mya with her Grandpa Hawkins
What a fun weekend with some of my very favorite people! I am so grateful for the awesome family I married into and it's such a treat to spend time with them.

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