Friday, August 16, 2013

Clarke Reunion -- Part 1

My Dad's side of the family has a big reunion every summer and I missed the last four, so I was thrilled to be in Utah for the Clarke reunion this year. Eighty-nine of us gathered at the Timber Moose Lodge in Heber, Utah for four awesome days! I grew up really close to my Clarke cousins, so it was so fun to see them and to watch our kids running around together.
 My family (minus my favorite family member...Josh)
Jae and Amy flew out from San Francisco for two days of the reunion, so it was great to have all my siblings together for 48 hours! 
 I love these two girls.
My parents and their three grandkids.
(Have you ever met a more photogenic child than Brynlee??)
I had never been to this part of Heber before and it was really a beautiful spot.

I should have taken more pictures of the gorgeous, huge cabin because it was pretty cool. There was plenty of space for this little lady to explore.

Bryn was totally in her element, running around with her cute second-cousins in a great assortment of dress-ups.

Three of my ukulele-playing siblings that headed up the music time on the porch

 As soon as Bryn saw the bounce-house room she knew it was going to be a good reunion :)
 More cousin time
 Impromptu dance party
Sarah's moves are the best. She's kind of Bryn's hero....for good reason.
One more.
 Lots of fun games and crafts

 Mya was super, super shy and kind of overwhelmed with all the people at reunion, but Sarah was one of the select few that could loosen her up.
Such a fun time! More reunions pics to come....

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