Monday, August 19, 2013

Utah: Outings with Friends and Fam

 The good thing about being in Utah for a month is that we were able to fit it lots of fun play dates and visits with old friends and family members. The trip didn't seem as rushed and crazy as our shorter trips at Christmas time. Here are a few of the fun people we got to see...
 I had lunch with a few of my Clarke cousins and Bryn was so thrilled to play with her cute second-cousins again - after having so much fun with them at the Clarke reunion.

Of course, dress-up was the main thing on the agenda. You can tell by Bryn's expressions that she was having a pretty good time with these gals.
 We got to visit our dear friend Cheryl who lived a few doors down in my old neighborhood and now lives in a care facility in Sandy. Bryn hadn't seen her in a few years and Mya had never met her, so it was great to spend some time with her. (Not my best pic, but I love Bryn's cute smile at Cheryl).
 We went to Cabella's with my sister-in-law Becky and her three kids.
 Bryn's not the best shot, but Hema was cute to help her out!

 Mya was far more interested in the stairs than the animals or anything else. On a side note, I can't get enough of Mya's chubby, pale legs in shorts.
 Thanks for the fun outing, Beck!
We had a nice dinner with my Clarke grandparents and it was great to have them all to ourselves for the night since we had to share them with everyone else at reunion :)
Grandpa and Grandma were nice to let Bryn read and read and read to them.
(I think Grandpa may have dozed off at this point!)
 I hope Bryn is soaking up all these moments because I cherish the few memories I have with my great-grandparents.
 We had a fun trip to the Hogle Zoo with my BYU roommate Lindsey. She is such a great friend and I always love catching up with her when I'm in town. This visit was especially wonderful since I got to meet her sweet new baby girl!

 Thanks Linds for such a fun morning!
 Another huge treat was seeing one of my very best friends from Huntington Beach! I had been looking forward to this reunion for a long time! Kristi was my 1st counselor in the YW presidency and such a great friend. It was so great to catch up and hear all about the ward, the young women, and get updates our friends in California. (My other HB friend Megan was also in town but ended up in the ER the day of our get-together, so that was a huge bummer. Love you, Megan! And so glad you're feeling better!)
 Kristi and I were pregnant at the same time with these two cuties, both with complicated, high-risk pregnancies (Kristi's more serious than mine!). It was so sweet to fast forward a year and see these two girls crawling/walking around and playing with each other. We moved from California right after I had Mya so I don't think Mya and Vera had even met until now!
Bryn with Addison (Megan's daughter) and Jack (Kristi's son)
Bryn has missed all her Disneyland trips with these two and it was fun to see her reunited with these friends for a day!
My Uncle Rich joined us for dinner one night and he's always so sweet to Bryn.
 Bryn just so happened to be a grizzly bear that night, so that was interesting. Mya tagged right along, minus the furry suit.
We got "Pass of all Passes" while in Utah and we had fun going to Seven Peaks a few times with my siblings who live in Provo. Bryn had the best time! She loved the kiddie areas, wave pool, lazy river, the big slides....pretty much everything except "Cave In" :)
Mya loved the kiddies pools, but got in trouble for drinking the pool water. Her main objective was to see how much nasty pool water she could gulp down before I caught her. She also enjoyed relaxing in the shade with her cousin Braden and stealing his pacifier and stuff. (Braden's face is so great in these pics).
Thank you Utah for providing us with all these fun reunions with family and friends!

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