Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Toddler Credit Cards

I just gotta share this cute idea from my sister Marie....

She made the cutest little wallet full of cards for Mya and of course Mya loves it! Like every other toddler, Mya loves going through her mom's wallet, so now she has her own to sort through. Marie is really talented with graphic design and Illustrator, so she designed these cute cards and then laminated them with the thick, sturdy kind of lamination. And she found the little pink wallet at H&M.
She even included a Dartmouth sports pass and a pass to our local science museum. So creative!


mj said...

I am totally and completely in love with this. I need to mimic her idea! Please!?

The Yorgason Family said...

This is Soo cute!! I Love this!! I might have to wing it and try something like this myself! Super cute!