Saturday, August 17, 2013

Utah: Fun night in Sandy

Josh came out to Utah for a few days and it was so great to spend time with him! We have missed Josh this summer! Most of his time in Utah was spent at the Hawkins reunion (more on that later), but we also spent one of his nights in Sandy with my family. Marie and Devin were nice to drive up from Provo and we had a great night!
It's always great to be with my beautiful sister Marie and I love that we are both moms together and can chat about diaper brands, baby food, nap schedules, etc. She's an awesome mom and her son Braden is such a cute little guy!

 Massaging bubbles into Mya's hair. Thank you, Bryn.

 These two babies love their Grandpa Clarke!
Late night badminton games.
Another fun night in Utah! 

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Marie said...

It looks like you had such a great time in Utah! You have such a beautiful family!