Monday, August 19, 2013

Parade of Homes

My parents are renovating the top floor of their home in September, knocking out a couple walls, changing around the floor plan of the kitchen/dining area, and adding new paneling, built-ins, fireplace, and a whole new kitchen. One of the fun things I did with my Mom in Utah was spend hours going over her plans, visiting home showrooms, studying Pinterest inspiration photos, and visiting the annual "Parade of Homes" around the Salt Lake Valley. My mom already has a lot of her plans mapped out with the contractor, but we got lots of inspiration from the Parade of Homes that we saw. Many nights I would put my girls to bed and then my Mom and I would dart off to check out a few new homes. It's going to be a loooong time until I have a house of my own and a budget to do a renovation, so it's fun to live vicariously through my mom!
I'm not a good photographer, but these are a few of our favorite rooms....

 All these pictures above are from a really pretty $4,000,000 home about a mile east of my parent's house, just on the other side of the gully. It was one of our favorites! (And totally in my price range!)

 I loved all the great, big mudrooms with cubbies and storage.
 I loved the peachy wall color in this nursery
 Have you read "Okay, For Now" by Gary Schmidt? (Great book!) That Audubon bird made me think of the book :)

 Cute, little side table, right?
 I loved the Michelle Armas painting in this living room. So pretty! I would love that hanging in my home.

My Mom and I had such a fun time! My shoebox of a house seems quite small and plain now that I'm back home, but someday it's going to be really fun to own a home and decorate it! 

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