Monday, August 29, 2011


My car got hit a few weeks ago, so it's been at a body shop getting fixed up. Today Bryn and I went to pick it up and Bryn was so excited to see her "VERY FAVORITE white car!"
When they brought out the car I noticed a new dent across the hood. Turns out one of their techs had caused some new damage while fixing the initial damage. Wonderful.
Bryn took the news harder than I did, and I was holding in the laughter. While we headed home in our rental car Bryn's lip was quivering as she quietly voiced her concerns .
"But Mom, I just only want to drive in our favorite white car!....I don't even like this silver car. It's not even good......All I want to do today is drive in the white car.....I have a good idea! Let's go get our white car!......Mom, this silver car only makes us sad...."
I shouldn't laugh at her despair, but it was cracking me up. Life is HARD for a two year old with her favorite car in the shop.


Rollins Family said...

That is too funny. One time our car overheated and we had a tow truck pick it up. Ella was devastated and screamed "They are taking our car" she was petrified. Kids are more attached than we think. You guys look like you are doing well. You are such a great family.

The Pixton Family said...

Wow, another dent? Give Bryn a hug for us- we miss that girl!

Meghan said...

That is really funny! What a cute girl. Hope your car is back and fixed soon! :)

Guadalupe Puthoff said...

Aww... That's cute! Children do get attached to family vehicles, don't they? I'm just wondering if you shouldered the costs to repair it all on your own or you got the legal compensation you deserve from the other party.

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