Monday, August 8, 2011

Utah Trip

We had an awesome whirlwind trip to Utah last week and it was so awesome to spend a couple days with my parents and two of my siblings!
I forgot how HOT Utah summers are (compared to SoCal), so Bryn spent lots of time with Logan running through sprinklers and swimming in the little pool.
Reading bedtime stories with my dad
Bryn had never been to a zoo, so we spend a couple hours at the Hogle Zoo with my parents and Logan. So fun!
Bryn's staring at the giraffes instead of the camera
The new tiger exhibit is really awesome and we spent a long time watching the 4 tigers (mother and 3 sons) fight each other. Pretty cool. Josh was in heaven :)
I wish took more pictures of Bryn with my mom because they are good buddies.
One more with Bryn and my dad
We enjoyed lots of Mom's great cookin' and plenty of other Utah treats
Logan organized badminton tournaments for us which were really amusing. Naturally, I am horrible.
I really, really miss the mountains and Utah hiking, so Josh and I fit in a fun hike one morning and it was so great!
It was so fun to see my Clarke girl cousins and aunts at my cousin's baby shower, especially since I missed the Clarke reunion this year!
We went to the ReAL soccer game with my dad, brother Logan, sister Marie, her boyfriend Devin, and Devin's brother. It was my first pro soccer game and it was so fun! And it was the first time we met Rie's little friend, so that was fun :)
And finally, here is Bryn about to hike a pigeon.
What a fun trip! I hope December comes quickly because I miss my fam already!
(We also spent time with Josh's fam at the Hawkins Reunion, but I'll post those pics later. This post is long enough already!)


Clarke Family said...

Despite the mighty swing, the shuttlecock appears to be on Josh's knee. There is only one way for that to have happened.

Josh and Laura said...

I don't know if this is Mar or Brandon, but either way you're wrong. The Birdie is clearly in the air (it's a daze because I smashed it with so much velocity) right at the top of the bushes in the background. You can clearly see it. First, I don't miss when I swing, and second, if I ever did, Lar wouldn't post a photo of it.


Diana Hulme said...

I love the pictures! But it's funny...coming to Utah from New York it felt less hot! Opposite from you. :) Love you Lar, hope you're doing ok.