Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Months

Mya is two months old today!
At two months...
Mya does the sweetest little "coo-ing" noises
She smiles more and more, with a big open mouth smile
She is still not sleeping through the night, but she goes from about 11pm to 6 am, which is better than a few weeks ago!
She is a New Hampshire resident (as of Wednesday)
She is a great eater and has the rolls to prove it!
She is finally sleeping in her very own crib after almost two months of sleeping on a blanket on the floor (because of the move).
Her favorite new "trick" is bringing her hand to her mouth and licking it :)
We love Miss Mya and are so grateful she's in our family!

  The Mya and Bryn comparison at two months old


Karen said...

I love her "smirk" in the first picture. What a beautiful baby. So fun to see the comparison of her and Bryn. Two sweet babies.

Meghan said...

She's so cute!!! Your girls look so different. What cuties :)