Sunday, December 22, 2013


Last winter was a bit of a shock after living in California. It was looooong and cold and it definitely took a toll on me. But so far I have loved the snow and the winter this year...maybe because we're planning to move back to warm weather and this will probably be our last snowy winter for a while. The view above is one of my favorites, it's the road that goes from Main Street into our grad student neighborhood. It looks so beautiful in the wintertime.

The view from our front porch | The view from our back porch
I pass this frozen river almost daily and I always think that gray-green ice is so pretty.
A very snowy Tuck building on a sunny day last week
 I always love walking by this pretty church on Dartmouth campus
 Baker Library
I love all the cute little shops on Main Street in Hanover and they look especially quaint with the snow and holiday decor.
 Pretty wreaths outside the Hanover Inn
 The downside to all this pretty snow? Slush.

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