Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Jersey

 The day after getting home from Montreal we took another road trip to New Jersey. The girls were big troopers for spending so much time in the car. Luckily, they both did great with all the driving. We spent about 9 days with Josh's brother Jake and his family and it was such a fun time!
 Bryn loved their zip-line
 Lots of dressing up
 Leah is the sweetest cousin and spent so much time with Mya
 Swinging in the back yard
 Raking leaves
 Playing in leaves
 Bryn and Abe got to be good friends
 One of the days we visited my cousin Cara who only lives about five minutes from Jake and Tyra. Bryn loves playing with her second-cousin Olivia.
 Cara (pregnant with baby #2) was so nice to invite us over and we had such a great time catching up. 
 Lots of games
 Mya was enthralled with their barbie dolls
Nice, Bryn.
 Bryn thought it was the funniest thing in the world to slide down the staircase in a sleeping bag. There were so many crashes and (minor) injuries, but it was worth it to hear the squeals and laughter.
 Mya click-clacked around in high heels
 One of the highlights of the trip was Leah's baptism on our last day.

 A blurry picture of our family + Jake and Tyra's fam. 
We had the best time with these guys and it was so wonderful to be with family! 

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