Friday, December 6, 2013


I love November. Besides a few trips at the end of the month, we had a pretty low key month and it was so nice. We spent the month adding leaves to our grateful tree with things we're grateful for. Here's what else we were up to this month...
 Mya got some new winter boots has gotten good mileage out of them already. 
 We finally tried out Lou's bakery in Hanover and had a farewell breakfast to our good friends who are away for two months. Bryn has missed her little buddy Audrey!
 Mya and Georgia
They're only a few days apart, but Mya looks like a giant next to her petite friend.
 Mya locked herself in our upstairs bathroom again and Josh had to climb onto the roof and break in through the window. Mya isn't too mischievous, but she's pretty good at locking herself in the bathroom. 
 We celebrated Veteran's Day by walking to the cemetery. Bryn got out and said "Thank you, soldier" to all the graves with flags....which took a long time! Gotta hand it to Bryn for being thorough. 
 We bundled up and did a few quick park trips
 1. Woah belly!
2. Mya is obsessed with Bryn's dress-up shoes and she wears them around all day, click-clacking through the house. It kills me.
 Bryn has been reading some cute chapter books lately and Mr. Popper's Penguins was one of her favorites this month. She loves drawing book covers and I loved this one!
 Bryn and Mya don't always play together but I sure love it when it happens!
 Dress-ups, stuffed animals, and make-believe
 Apparently Bryn found out how to use my camera because I found this pictures later on and died :)
Bottom left especially. 
 It seems like this is a midnight walk, but it's actually a pre-dinner, get-some-fresh-air walk at 4 pm. It's starting to get dark so early now!
 Ignore the clutter and let's focus on how cute these two girls are "doing dishes"
Mya worked on her eating skills
 Doing "facetime" chats with my family is one of Mya's favorite things in life. She especially gets giggly with her cousin Braden. I love technology :)
Josh and I finally made it down to the Boston temple. Our friends watched the girls for 8 hours while we drove to Boston, did a temple session and dinner, and then drove back. Such a fun, lengthy date with Josh!
Lots and lots of leaves


Marie Young said...

I love how bryn had grapes stuck in her pancakes in one of the pictures! Haha your girls are so funny!

Karen said...

Bryn's drawings are AMAZING!! I think I've said it before, but it is just incredible. I also love the lighting on the Boston Temple.