Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving in New Jersey

 We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in New Jersey with Jake and Tyra and their cute family. Last year we went to the Macy's parade with Jake and Ty's family, but this year we decided to skip the parade and start Thanksgiving with a 5k "Turkey Trot" in a neighboring town. It was a really cold morning, so we all wore double pants, double shirts, and all the gloves, hats, and coats we could find! It was a fun way to start off the day!
 Josh and Jake
 Mya crossing her first finish-line :) Bryn had escaped the stroller by this point!
 The girls were pretty freezing, but we had such a fun time.
 After the race, we came home and got working on the meal. JJ and Josh were in charge of the mashed potatoes and I got a kick out of JJ chopping potatoes with his (cleaned) pocket knife.
 One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving!
I brought a little craft for the girls to work on. Bryn and my two nieces cut out the felt leaves and stitched them onto a simple table runner. 
They did a good job! (With a little help from me and Ty)
 Our spread!
 Our fam, minus Mya who was napping
 Tyra, Jake, Abe, Isaac, JJ, Leah, Abby, and Bryn
 We also had Juan join us. He is a cab driver that Josh and Jake got to know this summer as they commuted into NYC. Super nice guy!
 It was Leah's birthday on Thanksgiving and Juan's birthday the day after so we used our Thanksgiving pies as birthday cakes.
 Mya eventually arose from her nap and went hard on the Thanksgiving meal. I think she out-ate all the other cousins! And she had the full belly to prove it!

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