Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bad Dreams

 Remember how we were gone for two weeks in November travelling to Montreal and New Jersey? Bryn and Mya slept in the same room as us that whole time and so when we got home Bryn was suddenly scared to sleep in her bedroom without us. The first two weeks of December were really rough because Bryn was waking up every single night for about an hour, saying she was scared of the dark, was having bad dreams, was scared to sleep without a parent, etc. We tried something different each night but nothing seemed to work. Bryn convinced us a glow in the dark "Pillow Pet" would solve the problem and it did work for two nights but then it just kept her up longer as she had fun changing the color of the glowing lights. 
 Finally "Elfie" arrived one morning with a lengthy, firm proclamation that Brynlee needed to stay in bed or else she'd lose Christmas presents. This probably sounds like mean parenting, but we were desperate! This note actually did the trick, along with having her sleep with headphones and an ipod playing classical music on repeat all night. She's slept through the night for the last ten nights and we all feel back to normal after those two crazy weeks of sleeping problems. 
 One of Bryn's incentives for staying in bed was that she would get to see the movie "Frozen" with her cute friend Emma.
 I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think this was actually the first time I've taken Bryn to a real movie theater ...if this tiny New Hampshire theater counts as a real movie theater :) 
It was a really fun outing with Bryn and we loved the movie!
Hip Hip Hooray for normal sleep habits and for fun mommy-daughter dates!

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