Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Activities

We had such a fun Christmas season this year and we tried to fill it with fun, simple Christmas activities. Here are a few last pics of the Christmas season...
Mya was enamored with the Christmas tree and loved petting it.
Bryn was enamored with the mistletoe and spent much of the month puckered up underneath it, trying to entice any of us to give her a smooch.

Bryn and I had fun making these Christmas snacks for her preschool class. Bryn she was the only one who liked the celery and cucumber, so it was kind of a bust ....but at least it looked cute :)
Watching the Polar Express

We tried to fit in a few little Christmas crafts after school
 Mya loved the Christmas card wall and the cutest part was how she patted and kissed the pictures of her grandparents, saying "Gaga" (grandma) and "Papa" (grandpa).
 This year in our advent calendar we had "puzzle pieces" to this nativity scene and a scripture about Christ. I found the scripture advent on Pinterest and then just added the nativity puzzle because Bryn is a visual person :)
Along with the scripture advent we did a Christmas book advent this year for the first time. It was so fun! Most of the books I found on clearance last year after clearance, and I was so excited all year long thinking about getting them out and doing the advent! Here are the 25 books we did, with my favorites noted...
 I grew up reading "Biolosky's Christmas" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Shines Again", so it was fun to read them with Bryn and Mya now. (I found them both at a thrift store a few years ago).
 I only had 21 books, so these four are from the library. Bryn really loved "Gingerbread Pirates" and "Christmas in the Barn" is really cute, too. 
Bryn and Mya were crazy about these sing-along books and we sure heard those Christmas songs over and over!
 We had a handful of board books in the mix, for Mya's sake. I especially love "Room for a Little One" and "Snowballs".
 "This is the Stable" has gorgeous illustrations and "Who is Coming to our House?" is a cute, rhyming nativity book that Josh grew up with. 
 "Snowmen at Christmas" is so clever and has fun illustrations and "The Christmas Train" is a neat Christmas story about President Monson.

We had such a fun Christmas! We tried to do lots of fun things and make the most of our long winter break and we really had a great few weeks!

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Karen said...

These are all so perfect! Another friend of mine wraps her Christmas books up and reads one each day. We received some new Christmas books this year so we have 24 now. I think I just might have to do that next year! I love Christmas stories.