Wednesday, December 25, 2013


 Christmas was wonderful! The girls woke up at their usual time of 7 am and took a few pictures before going downstairs to see their presents. 
Sorry, one more picture - because Bryn's crossed leg is cracking me up.
 We had blocked off the stairway with wrapping paper because I was nervous Bryn might sneak downstairs too early. She was thrilled to bust through the paper and race downstairs to her gifts. 
 The girls looking over the goods
We played with the Santa presents for a while and had breakfast (Josh's special breakfast casserole and spinach smoothies), and then we opened up the other presents under the tree. 
Bryn picked out this doll for Mya for their "sisters gift exchange". She was so excited for Bryn to open it and luckily Mya loved it! 
Never has there been a more feminine Ken doll, but Bryn was pretty excited about him ....despite his skin tight gray pants/tights?

Bryn's reactions were a little dramatic
Mya's reactions were not so dramatic :)
 We skyped a lot with my family off and on all day, and wished my dad a happy birthday!
Mya really loves facetime-ing. She says "Gaga" for grandma, "Papa" for grandpa, and she just started saying "Lolo" when she sees Logan. It's so cute!
 We spent the afternoon playing with new toys and watching Newsies (one of our top Christmas gifts of 2013). I had a big Christmas dinner planned, but we ended up just making homemade pizza instead.
 We got together with the Loomis family in the evening for games and dessert. It was so fun to be with good friends. The girls went nuts for their friends' new plasma car. They rode it around all night ....and made me wish I would have gotten them one of their own for Christmas! Maybe next year!
Merry Christmas!

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