Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Sunday

 Christmas Sunday is always a special day and this year was no exception. The first thing the girls did when the woke up was open a present from their grandma: matching red purses, a locket necklace for Bryn, and a few little things for Mya. At church Bryn got to sing two songs with the Primary kids during the Christmas program and of course she was thrilled about that! I was in charge of a Christmas lesson in the Primary and we had fun reading from Luke 2, singing Christmas songs, and acting out the nativity. 
 Oh my goodness, I love these three. 
 Bryn's hand-under-chin pose is kind of killing me :)
(P.S. Hopefully when I learn how to use my new camera my pictures won't be so blurry.)
Also to be noted- our pitiful attempt at Christmas tree pancakes. Ha ha!

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