Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuck Christmas Party

 We had a great time at the "Tiny Tuckies" Christmas party this year. It was in Stell Hall, which is one of my favorite rooms at Tuck, especially at Christmas time with the warm fireplace and big, beautiful Christmas tree. I wish my pictures weren't so blurry, but here are a few moments from the party...
 Bryn was so thrilled talking to Santa 
 Mya was not so thrilled
 "Santa" was actually one of Josh's classmates at Tuck and he was so generous! He brought a sack full of "Ty" stuffed animals (that he had bought himself) and gave one to each of the children. Mya got a lion and Bryn is obsessed with this "Tin Tin" dog that she got.
Later that night the Tuck administrators hosted a Christmas dinner for all the Tuck students and families. Mya was in much better spirits since Santa was nowhere to be seen :)

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