Sunday, December 22, 2013

Family Date Night in Vermont

The Saturday night before Christmas we went on a fun "family date" to a couple of our favorite places in Vermont. We drove about half an hour to Worthy Burger and had dinner on their patio with a fire blazing beside us ...That sounds really dangerous as I type it, but actually it was really cozy!
 Worthy Burger is popular because all the meat, cheeses, and toppings on their burger are grown locally in Vermont. This was our second time trying it and it's really good. 
 About 5 minutes from Worthy Burger is the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial. Lots of the trees on the grounds were all lit up and it was really pretty. 
 Bryn had remembered this statue since last year and was excited to see it again. She also loved seeing the little stable with live sheep and a donkey. 
Inside one of the visitor centers there were cider and treats, as well as a beautiful collection of nativity sets. Mya loved playing with this plastic set and kept kissing the baby Jesus over and over. 
 Fun night with Josh and the girlies!

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Karen said...

Looks and sounds so wonderful!