Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowy Sunday

 We got our first big snow storm on Sunday- so big that they cancelled church. (I never remember that happening before!) I know by March I will be really sick of snow and coldness, but right now it is so beautiful and fun. What were we to do on a Sunday without church? Mya and I stayed warm inside, listening to Christmas music, and making holiday treats (of course), while Bryn and Josh shoveled our sidewalks and played in the snow. 
 I know I'm a mushy mama, but seriously it warmed my heart so much to see Bryn running through the snow, completely full of wonder and excitement. It seriously made me teary watching Josh and Bryn from the window, and thinking of all the fun, snowy memories I have building snow forts with my siblings and dad until daylight had faded and my mom finally called us in for dinner. Snow days are some of the best days, right!?
 King (Queen) of the mountain
 This was their first attempt at a snow cave
 And this is snow cave #2
Bryn gives a big thumbs up to this snow, and so do I.... for now :)

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Hailey Te'o said...

I'm so jealous looking at all of these pictures! I wish we could have a white Christmas :)