Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was the best. It was the sweetest evening with our little fam. We normally spend Christmas Eve in Utah with Josh's family and it's a fun party with 25 little cousins running around giddy for Christmas. This year Christmas Eve felt really quiet with just the four of us at home, but it was a really neat night.
First up, opening new pajamas from grandma. (There's nothing like fresh jammies...)
We had been doing an advent during December where each night we read a scripture passage about Jesus Christ and then we added a "puzzle piece" to our nativity picture. We read the last scriptures passage on Christmas Eve and then added the last piece to our picture.

Bryn really wanted to act out the nativity after seeing it acted out in Primary on Sunday. Josh was both the donkey and Joseph at the same time. Bryn, of course, was Mary. Mya didn't want to wear any costume but she had a great time watching and laughing at Bryn and Josh's dramatic acting. 
I love this :)

I love this, too! Josh is such a good sport.
Bryn took the whole thing quite seriously and tried hard to stay in character, even when Mya was tormenting her and trying to rip off her scarf.
 Mya finally got a turn to hold the "baby Jesus"
 Bryn then announced we needed to act out "the other Christmas story- Santa and Rudolph". Oh boy. It seemed a little funny to act out the Santa story right after the nativity, but we kind of just went with it. I was cast as the sleigh/Rudolph and Bryn was Santa.
We left some gingerbread cookies for Santa and Bryn wrote a quick note that said "Santa, the carrot is for your reindeer. Is Rudolph still one of your reindeer?"

This was my first year stuffing the stockings! (Since we're normally at my parents house). It was really fun to buy little stocking stuffers for each person. I felt like a real mom :) 
Santa gave the girls a set of little people princesses and a little people zoo set....which I found at a thrift store for $2. I felt a little guilty using a thrift store toy set as their Santa gift, but the girls have absolutely loved it these last few days!
I have to say, there is something really magical about being at home for Christmas and starting our own traditions. Christmas Eve was just perfect!

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Karen said...

It IS pretty magical. We've reached a point where I kind of prefer to be home with just our family. I do enjoy being with extended family, too, but it's just so nice to be with our kids seeing how they learn about and enjoy Christmas. don't ever feel guilty using a thrift store toy. They loved it, that's all that matters. One Christmas I spent $50 total on my boys. Let it last as long as you can!:)