Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween with these two girls was so much fun. I had a busy October and didn't have it in me to make elaborate costumes for the girls this year, so we took the easy route. Mya wore the Little Red Riding Hood costume I made a few years ago for Bryn and it worked perfectly. Bryn wanted to be Cinderella and I had big plans of making her dress, but then I passed this $10 dress at the store and decided to swallow my pride and save myself some work this year! All we had to do was make a quick ribbon necklace and cover a headband with some blue fabric and tulle that I had in my stash. 
 Bryn had a fun Halloween party at school today, including a costume parade through the elementary school.
We couldn't let Bryn have all the fun, so Mya and I did some Halloween activities at home.
 After school we had about an hour to get ready for the neighborhood Halloween party at the clubhouse. Bryn got to wear a little Cinderella make-up and do her hair fancy, and it was too much for her! She got totally into character and spent a good ten minutes posing in the mirror, fluttering her eyelashes and blowing kisses with her lipsticked lips. It was hilarious. Josh and I couldn't stop laughing. 
Doing "Cinderella make-up" isn't my forte and her eyeliner got a little crazy. Bryn loved the lipstick and blush, but when she saw her eyelashes in the mirror she started crying and said I made her look like a scary witch. Ha ha! Luckily we wiped it off and got her calmed down before the party. 
 Bryn's best Cinderella poses.
 At the neighborhood party with her buddies JJ and Emma
Mya, a little scared by all the noise and people
 After the party Mya and I went back home to pass out candy (and dance to "Thriller" in the living room) and Josh took Bryn trick-or-treating with her friends. 
Happy Halloween!

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Beautiful beautiful girls!!!

Karen said...

Laura, you have had an amazing fall!! I love your Halloween party that you hosted. So fun. And I love Josh's Colnel Sanders and your chicken costume. Fun! All of the leaf pictures are AMAZING! Your adventures in New England look so fun and memorable. You four are a beautiful family.