Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Hiking

We've done some fun family hikes this fall, but I've also fit in some fun, longer hikes without kids. Here are a few beautiful hikes from this past month...
I hiked Mt. Cardigan with my friend Cat and it was a fun one! Gorgeous panoramic views from the top! 

I think I've posted about Boston Lot Lake ten times before, but here are a few more pictures because I hike it about once a week and it's still so pretty to me. It takes less than 20 minutes to hike/jog from our porch to the lake and the trail is so beautiful. Then there is another gorgeous trail that loops around the lake. 

Cat and I hiked Mt. Ascutney about a week ago and it was another pretty one. It was a good, long hike - about 4 hours to the top and back - and my knees were feeling it for a few days afterwards! But the views were spectacular and it was such a fun hike!

 I love New Hampshire.

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