Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dartmouth in the Fall

Dartmouth campus is really beautiful all year round, but in September and October it's especially gorgeous. The colors are already fading, so I'm glad I snapped a few pictures last week when it seemed like the trees were at their peak.
We live just two miles from Dartmouth, so the girls and I make frequent walks up to campus to say "hi" to Josh or just to get some energy out on "the green". Now that Bryn is in preschool it's mostly been just Mya and I walking up to campus lately. She was pretty thrilled last week when Josh popped out of the library for a few minutes to see us.

The flaming red and orange trees are my favorite. I am really trying to soak up every second of fall in New England because I know we're really going to miss it next year if we're back on the west coast!

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Diana Hulme said...

You have GOT to frame that first one of the Wilder building! That ivy or whatever it is looks like it is on fire...the colors are so great! Better should paint it! It's so funny...our leaves here are just beginning to change...we're several weeks away from the peak! You'd think it would be the same as you guys. Probably because it's so warm here still