Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Party

Josh and I don't normally dress up for Halloween but this year we decided to make costumes and throw a Halloween party. We had it this past weekend and it was such a blast. We've definitely got to make this an annual tradition!
 Colonel Sanders and a chicken | Gru and Lucy from Despicable Me 2
 Nacho Libre and Sister Encarnacion | Hanover and West Lebanon 
(Hanover is the Ivy League town of Dartmouth and West Lebanon is the not-so-Ivy League neighboring town)
 Angry Bird, Cat, and mouse | Mary Poppins and Bert 
Minions | 70's couple 
(These were the actual outfits Sandy's parents were married in! So awesome!)

 Maybe the best part of the night was playing the "Minute to Win it" games. So funny!

Along with "Minute to Win it" we played Clue Charades (so funny) and a couple rounds of Mafia. 
It was such a fun night! We are so grateful to be in grad school with these wonderful people. 


Sandy Cove said...

We had so much fun! You guys threw an awesome party!

mj said...

This post makes me simultaneously happy and sad. But I am dying over Hanover/West Lebanon. That is HILARIOUS.