Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boston Trip: More of Day 1

We spent a good part of Friday afternoon at the Boston Public Gardens and it was such a beautiful spot! I took probably 100 pictures, but I'll only post about 50 on here...

My girls love the classic book Make Way for Ducklings, so it was really fun to play on the duck statues and see the pond and other places that were mentioned in the book.

 Bryn and Audrey also were totally entertained with the real ducks in the park

 Mya didn't really nap the whole weekend, but somehow she managed to stay in a pretty good mood. She discovered her thumb while in Boston which was kind of cute, but not cute enough to let her keep the habit.
 Walking, walking, walking
Our last activity on Friday was visiting the Boston Children's Museum, which has $1 admission on Friday nights. My girls (and Josh) were totally in heaven and probably could have spent an entire day there! There was lots to do and we didn't even fit it all in.

 One of Bryn's favorite parts was dancing against the green screen and "being on real TV!!!"
 Mya also made a quick appearance on TV, as well. Thanks to Bryn for hoisting her around.
Mya's favorite part was definitely the room full of golf balls and all sorts of race tracks for them.

This was awesome! Every child's dream!

 Gorgeous city, right?
 As Josh and Brian went ahead to get our cars, the girls had fun playing one of the "Street Pianos" that are all over Boston. Kind of a fun idea!
 Such a fun day in Boston!

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