Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Baking and Making

I'm normally not a big Halloween person, but this year I've been able to fit in a lot of fun crafts/treats with the girls. Here are a few of the fun things we've been up to...
I usually don't make sugar cookies except for Halloween and Valentine's Day, so it's always a treat for Bryn to frost cookies. 
I didn't let Mya frost any because I knew the frosting would just be shoveled into her mouth, but she did get to sample one frosted cookie and of course she loved it.
 This black bunting was an impromptu project that used up some old black fabric and bias tape I had from past projects. I love projects that use up old materials and can be made start to finish during one naptime! I pinned up our Halloween table cloth, added the black bunting, and used it as the backdrop for the "photo booth" at our Halloween party.
 Bryn and I dipped nutter butters and mint milano cookies in white chocolate and turned them into ghosts. Fun, easy treat for kids to make....and adults to eat!
I made the Boo banner from this tutorial. Another really simple project.
 Bryn made lots of these Halloween collages during Mya's naptimes. We've got them hung all over our house and they make me smile.
 We hung our Halloween bats again, but this year Bryn thought we needed a witch flying with the bats. She drew it, cut it out, and proudly had it flying with the bats before I even realized what she was working on.
 I had a collection of old bottles from an project, so I decided to spray paint them and turn them into Halloween decor. Most of these cute little pumpkins were grown in my parent's garden and sent to us in a  cute Halloween package. Thanks Mom!
 More pumpkins
My summer wreath got really faded and ugly by the time September rolled around. I was going to chuck it, but then I sprayed it black, added a black ribbon and $1 strand of glittered pumpkins and now it is our Halloween wreath!
 More treats! Oreo bats! Bryn totally loved this project. She helped cut out the wings and dip the oreos, but her main job was putting on the candy eyes. Josh even got in on this project and was in charge of adding the wings to each bat. It was a family affair, and yummy one, too.
Bryn and I gathered rocks from the trails behind our neighborhood and then painted them as Halloween characters. We did this last year, too, and it's so much fun.
It's been a really fun, really busy month. I'm officially crafted-out and treated-out, so I think we'll make it a really low key Thanksgiving month :)


Marie Young said...

You are always so creative with your holiday crafts and decorations! I had to force myself to put some pumpkins on top of the piano because I am also not into Halloween :)

Marie said...

I am in love with every one of these projects! I need to copy you next year.