Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shelburne Museum and Stowe, VT

 After Shelburne Farms we drove down the road to Shelburne Museum. Our library has free/discounted passes to lots of museums and attractions in New England and Shelburne Museum is one of those places. It would have cost our family $50 to visit Shelburne Museum, so we were glad to get in for free!
Shelburne Museum is a pretty interesting, unique collection of New England history. There are 25 historic buildings that were relocated to the Museum grounds, as well as exhibition buildings full of paintings, decorative arts, quilts, and historical artifacts. In one building you walk in to see a room full of Monet paintings and then you walk down the lane and there's a historic lighthouse, and then a huge boat, and then an old circus house. There was lots to explore!
Bryn's favorite part was this 93 year old carousel that was run by turning gears and kerosene. 
Ignore the weird collaged picture and focus on the cute faces of Bryn and Mya :)
 The Ticonderoga was one of our favorite parts. It was a huge passenger steamboat that was used on Lake Champlain a hundred years ago. They restored the travelling rooms with old luggage, magazines, and clothing that would have been used on the Ticonderoga in the 1920's. It was neat to get a little glimpse of life back then.
 Bryn loved steering the ship. 
(She claimed she was Sariah from the Book of Mormon, steering Nephi's ship. The museum worker was so confused what Bryn was talking about!)
Josh and Bryn at the top
 I thought the ship was cool, but Josh thought the ship was really cool, so he and Bryn explored it for a long time while Mya had fun playing in the leaves.
 Mya just played and played in these crunchy leaves, and I just followed her around and admired her chubby cheeks and neck rolls :)

 Right after this picture we lost our backpack... but we didn't realize it til we got to our car. The backpack had our car keys and diapers, so it was kind of important (especially since Mya had a full, stinky diaper). Josh was a saint and jogged all across the museum grounds and eventually found the backpack 45 minutes later. So that was kind of an adventure! Lucky for Josh he got to see everything at Shelburne Museum twice! 
 A cool old church. 
Also, notice how Josh no longer has the backpack on this back :)
 Bryn thought the old jail was really fun.
 The historic buildings included a general store, blacksmith shop, printing shop, school house, barn, an upscale house from NYC, and lots of other buildings I'm forgetting. All in all, the Shelburne Museum was really cool. I wouldn't have spent $50 to go, but for free it was awesome.
 Shelburne is about an hour and a half away and the whole drive was so spectacular with all the fall colors. I took a lot of blurry pictures as we drove along, but they just don't capture how gorgeous Vermont is in the fall.
On our way home from Shelburne we drove through Stowe, Vermont which was really picturesque. Again, this little snapshot doesn't do it any justice, but it was a beautiful town. 
Such a fun day in Vermont!  

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